Emotional Trauma Teaching Center

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                                                                 "Encourager Training Program" 

This twelve week program is to help train individuals who have a desire and calling to walk alongside of a person as they are healing from a lifetime of unresolved trauma and abuse. 

A Place of HOPE Emotional Trauma Services

"One on One" Ministry

This is where an individual can come and find a shoulder to cry on or a hand to  ld as they are empting themselves of all o the emotional pain and scars and begin learning to heal and grow through the love of God and Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit's leading.

A Place of HOPE 

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                                                                          "Yes We Can" Support Groups

This is for individuals who want to learn how to overcome unresolved emotional trauma and abuse areas of their life in a group setting as they share their life experiences with others who are  walking down the journey of healing.